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As avid fisherman and design engineers at KOBO we bring innovative solutions to the fishing world.  With years of design, manufacturing, and testing experience we have the ability to take products from concept to production. We are happy to announce our first product to market – The KOBO Power Reel.

A ground up design around speed, power, compact size, and intelligence – KOBO stands alone.  The power reel has accurate line counting to give a distance in feet and even tells you how much drag you are applying at the hook.  Further, smart controls give unmatched line retrieval control.

Since 2019 the reel has been in development with full system integration in 2021.  The key here is system integration.  This has allowed for revising the design.  Improvements through lab, field, third party environmental, and most importantly user testing has helped us refine the reel to exacting specifications.

In early 2022 we announced KOBO and have been finalizing the design.  We are ensuring our supply chain is set for production, final design is qualified, and the user experience is seamless. 

As humans we are out of our element, relying on our surroundings and self to guide us to what we seek. Mother nature is an environment larger than ourselves and she can swallow you whole. She doesn't often show her kind or bitter side, but either leaves you awe inspired by the beauty and fear she instills.


First KOBO swordfish 2021