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Can the KOBO Power Reel pull a dredge?
Yes, the spool capacity can hold over 500' of 800lbs Momoi HC.  Dredges come in varying sizes, with over 100lbs of drag and over 60/90 lbs of pulling force (12V and 24V) the KOBO Power Reel has pulled all dredges we have tested.  We have tested everything from 7 inch 6 arm squid dredges to Triple 8-Arm Tier Drop Dredge 36in-24in-18in.  The triple tier dredge consisted of an 8lb fish weight, 20 Mullet (9.5" - 10.5") with 3oz chin weights, artificials to fill out the rest of the positions, and mud flaps trailing while pulled at +7kts. 

What plug comes with the KOBO Power Reel?
The Hubbel HBL328DCP 30 Amp 28 VDC plug comes standard with the KOBO Power Reel.  Do not change the plug for a different model.

How do I switch between 12V and 24V performance?
The KOBO Power Reel will automatically switch performance based on the voltage.

What size reel leash fits the KOBO Power Reel?
A standard 2.25" carabiner or minimum size ID of 0.7" or larger will fit on the reel seat location.  The lug on the top of the reel frame will except many options.

Do you offer a reel cover?
Currently we do not offer a custom fit neoprene reel cover.  There are available options we can recommend.