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KOBO Power Reel

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KOBO Power Reel

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Power your fishing with strength and intelligence

The KOBO Power Reel is the new standard in advanced fishing tackle, allowing for advanced motor control, dynamic line tension readout, fixed line speed retrieval, and accurate line counting.

This is the smartest reel in its class. The digital drag readout allows for confident hook sets for known pressure regardless of line deployed. The KOBO Power Reel also automatically retrieves line, ensuring steady pressure throughout fights.

Patent Pending
Made in the USA

Technical specifications

  • Performance

    Motor Pulling force 60 lbs at 12V and 90 lbs at 24V with full spool
    Line Speed up to 550FPM 12V and 850 FPM 24V with full spool
    Drag force 100 lbs full spool

  • Smart Control Features

    Auto-stop Hands-off retrieval
    Digital line tension Live tension readout
    Accurate Line Distance Know your depth
    Automated Motor Control Motor slows when drag is slipping
    Fixed Line-Speed Retrieval Line speed retrieved at a fixed rate
    Variable speed Zero to max FPM

  • Electrical Features

    Operate on 12 or 24 volt power
    Industrial brushless DC motor
    Recommend Blue Sea Systems Series 187 30 Amp DC circuit breaker
    Hubbell HBL328DCP
    13' 10 gauge cable
    Backlit 2.7" screen

  • Hardware Features

    Quick-change spool swapping
    Long drag curve (over 300 degrees)
    Level wind
    Quick-adjust level wind