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Venice Louisiana August 2023

Venice Louisiana August 2023

A great trip fishing out of Venice Louisiana with Captain Nick Campos.  We spent two full days fishing for swordfish and the bit didn’t disappoint.  We missed our first couple of fish but made 4 count over the two days.

Waiting on or first bit of the trip.  Eyes on the tip.

Small released swordfish

First small sword released of the trip and swam away healthy.

Waiting on a bite

Our best fish of the trip came on the first day.  It took a while to hook up but we made it count.                                              

Loaded up
Here we are loaded up on our biggest fish of the trip.  We were fishing with a drag of 20 - 24lbs.
Largest fish of the trip went #160

Our largest fish went #160.

Captain Nick Campos is always enjoyable to fish with.  His mate for the trip, Captain Matt Carron, was great too.  Matt is casually waiting on a bite.

Our last fish of the trip was was hooked in the pec fin.